What ToDo After ToDo

The ToDo app. We’ve probably all written one. Likely for the same reasons. Either we were learning how to code for the first time or we were learning a new langauge/stack. There are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials that use the ToDo app as their example. Even official documentation like the Apollo GraphQL docs use ToDo for their examples. While the ToDo app does offer a simplistic approach to problems we encounter across most CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) style applications, it can get repetative and we like a challenge. In that vein, here are three app ideas to build once you’ve outgrown the ToDo app.

Trello Board

If you’re reading this, you likely have or currently write code. Chances are you know what a trello board looks like. There are dozens of existing products like Trello, JIRA, and YouTrack. Even some products use this style of board that aren’t tech centriq like Notion and Monday.com.

The reasons it is a great follow-up to the ToDo app are:

  • It’s basically a ToDo app, but the items are wonderfully more interesting.
  • Allows for drag & drop features.
  • Begs for authentication and support for multiple users.
  • Some intersting UI/UX challenges.

Next level tip:

  • Charts and Graphs.

Hobby/Collection Catalog

Most folks have a hobby and probably collect something. I am closing in on 1000 games in my personal library. I use Board Game Geek almost exclusively to manage my personal collection. At the same time, I’ve written some form of hobby catelog app so many times I’ve lost count; desktop, web, mobile. This kind of app is very much CRUD.

The reasons it is a great follow-up to the ToDo app are:

  • More properties to track / more form fields.
  • Allows for sorting, searching, filtering, paging.
  • Image managements and processing
  • It’s probably more useful to you personally than a list of To Do’s.

Next level tip:

  • NFC tracking of inventory

Planner / Event Scheduler

There is a local gaming convention where I live and they used an event scheduling platform to sell tickets and schedule specific games at specific times at specific tables. Facebook, Meetup, and a dozen other platform you probably use regularly might have some sort of event system built in. On the surface, it seems pretty simple. It might not be and that’s the fun of the challenge.

The reasons it is a great follow-up to the ToDo app are:

  • Dates, times, timezones; these things can be challenging but they are the heart of scheduling.
  • Using 3rd party components / libraries. For example, do you really want to build a calendar UI? It’s been done, find one.
  • Reminders / notifications might be needed so users know when something is about to happen.

Next level tip:

  • Real time chat

I realize some or all of these might be a bit of a stretch after the ToDo app depending on where you’re at in your coding journey. I hope that even if you’re not quite ready to take any of these on, the suggestions might trigger some ideas of your own. Additionally, if anyone has any more suggestions on What ToDo After Todo, you’ll let me know. I’m always looking for projects to hone my own skills further.

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