My Tools

As I try to find a way to get back into blogging, I thought a great way to start would be a list of tools I use for software development as well as other tech related activities. I’ve provided links as best I can. I use a Mac for everything but I’m pretty sure most of this is available on some sort of *nix type OS. Windows users, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. This will be a living document and are in no particular order.

Software Type Stuff

  • Intellij IDEA Ultimate - Most of what I do daily is Java, but IDEA is great for just about anything via their plugins.
  • VSCode - For quick and dirty file editing. Though, I’m hoping that Fleet will be a good alternative so I can stay in the Jetbrains family.
  • SDKMAN! - For managing all my JVM related tools and versions.
  • iTerm2 - Better than the built in terminal.
  • oh my zsh - Provides some really nice terminal features. These are the primary ones I use:
    • Theme: powerlevel10k
    • Plugins:
      • command-time
      • git
      • zsh-autosuggestions
      • sudo
      • web-search
      • copydir
      • copyfile
      • copybuffer
      • dirhistory
      • jsontools
      • macos
      • jira
      • emoji-clock
      • mvn
      • zsh-syntax-highlighting
  • DBVisualizer - While the integrated Database tools in IntelliJ are great, they don’t really replace a good application dedicated to it.
  • Studio 3T - MongoDB GUI. Same reasons as using DBVisualizer.
  • Slack - Should be for obvious reasons.
  • Signal - Secure instant messaging.

Hardware Type Stuff

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